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Dry and semi-dry wines
Order No.VintageWineAlcohol(%) ContentNumber of bottles
1 2022er Landwein der Mosel halbtrocken

11,0 1 L
2 2022er Rivaner trocken

12,5 0,75 L
3 2022er Riesling trocken

12,5 1 L
4 2022er Riesling halbtrocken

11,5 1 L
5 2021er Chardonnay trocken

13 0,75 L
6 2022er Grauburgunder trocken

13 0,75 L
7 2022er Riesling Spätlese trocken

Burgener Hasenläufer
12 0,75 L
8 2022er Riesling Spätlese feinherb

Veldenzer Kirchberg
11 0,75 L
9 2019er Riesling Auslese trocken

Veldenzer Kirchberg
13,5 0,75 L
10 2019er Riesling Auslese feinherb

Veldenzer Kirchberg
13,5 0,75 L
11 2022er Spätburgunder Rosé trocken

13 0,75 L
12 2022er Dornfelder Rosé feinherb

10 0,75 L
13 2022er Chardonnay trocken

13 0,75 L
14 2022er Spätburgunder Rotwein trocken

13 0,75 L
15 2022er Spätburgunder Rotwein Barrique trocken

13 0,75 L
16 2022er Dornfelder Rotwein trocken

13 0,75 L
17 2021er Dornfelder Rotwein feinherb

12 0,75 L
Sweet wines
Order No.VintageWineAlcohol(%) ContentNumber of bottles
18 2022er Dornfelder Rotwein mild

10 0,75 L
19 2022er Norwigs Riesling

9,5 1 L
20 2022er Norwigs Rotling

10,5 0,75 L
22 2022er Riesling Spätlese

Veldenzer Kirchberg
9 0,75 L
24 2019er Riesling Auslese

Veldenzer Kirchberg
8,5 0,75 L
25 2018er Riesling Auslese

Brauneberger Juffer
9,5 0,75 L
26 2020er Ortega Beerenauslese

Brauneberger Mandelgraben
13,5 0,375 L
27 2021er Riesling Eiswein

Burgener Hasenläufer
6,5 0,375 L
Other specialities
Order No.VintageWineAlcohol(%) ContentNumber of bottles
28 Norwigs Secco

11 0,75 L
29 Norwigs Piccolo Secco

11 0,2 L
30 Rosecco

11 0,75 L
31 Rieslingsekt brut Kl. Flaschengärung

12,5 0,75 L
32 Rieslingsekt trocken Kl. Flaschengärung

12,5 0,75 L
33 GlĂĽhwein weiss

9 1,0 L
34 Traubensaft weiss

0,75 L
35 Traubensecco weiss

0,75 L
36 Tresterfeinbrand

42 0,7 L
37 Weinbrand

42 0,5 L
38 Apfelbrand

40 0,5 L
39 Birnenbrand

40 0,5 L
40 Roter Weinbergspfirsichbrand

40 0,5 L
41 Weinessig rose´

0,5 L
Delivery by COD
Delivery by payment in advance
Delivery by invoice)

By law we cannot sell wine to persons under 18. By making an order for alcoholic products on this site, you are promising to us that you are 18 years or older.

I’m ordering with the acknowledgement of the following delivery and payment conditions.

Delivery and payment conditions

Tartar excretions are crystalline separations which are a result of natural maturity. This is in no way a sign of bad quality and is no reason for complaint.

The cost delivery of a box of 21 0,75 l bottles or 18 1 l bottles is 18 €.

On arrival of the goods, please check that they are correct immediately. Obvious defects, such as breakage etc., should be confirmed in writing straight away by the deliverer and brought to our attention! We will make every attempt to settle the damage as quickly as possible.
First orders and orders made over the Internet can be made by credit transfer.

The bank details are:

VR-Bank Hunsrück-Mosel eG
IBAN : DE53570698060003101632

The wine first becomes the possession of the customer, after the payment requirements have been met.

The bottling of the wine takes place in Burgen and our legal domicile is in Bernkastel-Kues.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

You have the right without any obligation to state a reason to cancel your order within 14 days, starting from the day after the Goods are delivered to you (or by someone known to you who has signed for your goods from the carrier). A full refund will be offered provided that the request to cancel is received in writing. Any cancelled Order will be refunded within 14 days of receipt by us of the returned goods.

In order to claim a refund, you must send a cancellation notice to us, in one of the following ways:

  • by post to our premises in Burgen Weingut Ingo Norwig Am Frohnbach 1 D-54472 Burgen. In this case, the notice will be deemed to have been given on the day on which it was posted; or
  • by fax, to fax number +49/6534/949504. In this case, the notice will be deemed to have been given on the day on which it was sent; or
  • by email to our email address "". In this case, the notice will be deemed to have been given on the day on which it was received.

Customers who wish to cancel their Orders after delivery must take reasonable care of the goods and must not use, open or consume them. You must return the goods as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days from the date of delivery. The deadline will be deemed to have been met if the goods are dispatched before the deadline has expired. You must pay for the return shipping yourself.

You are only required to pay for any reduction in the quality of the goods if it is caused by handling in a manner other than is usual in a shop in order to evaluate the quality of the goods. (In particular, this right of cancellation does not apply to bottles which have been opened.)

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